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    Production and materials

    Sustainability is the core of the production

    Tikau's function is based not only on respect for nature but also on humane small-scale production while respecting craftsmanship. At the heart of the action is awareness of the origin of raw materials and production and transparency. The purpose of the products is not only to be beautiful and durable but also to offer answers and operating models to social questions.

    Every Tikau product starts with improving people's quality of life and increasing equality. We are an alternative to mass production because our products are hand-made in cooperation with small producers. Our products combine quality, top-class design, and the principles of sustainable development. We offer ecological, social, and aesthetical sustainable products.


    We value Finnish craftsmanship

    Tikau's Finnish Ülle collection was launched in autumn 2022 as the result of a long and diligent product development project. The collection was born out of a desire to develop more sustainable Finnish textile manufacturing. In the background, there is also a strong desire to maintain self-sufficiency and to maintain Finnish craftsmanship in carpet weaving. Our Ülle collection fights for the preservation of the Finnish handicraft tradition, and we at Tikau want to do our best to ensure that high-quality carpet manufacturing does not disappear from Finland completely.

    Domestic weaving machines from the 1950s are whirring today in Tikau's Karjaa weaving studio, producing all the carpets of the Ülle collection by hand. The largest machines enable even large sizes: as much as 280 wide carpets are made to order.

    Surplus wool and local production

    Ülle carpets give Finnish sheep's wool a new life in a time when the vast majority of wool otherwise ends up as waste. We use local domestic wool in Ülle collection. However, the production process is not completely uncomplicated.

    A production process based on recycling is often more challenging and time-consuming compared to a production based on virgin raw materials. The production process based on surplus wool is also slow and expensive. First, the wool is washed, then dried and sorted at a weaving studio in Karjaa. After that, we send the wool to a nearby area to be spun. In the end the wool returns to our weaving studio, where the weaving process begins with traditional carpet machines. 

    The journey of lamb's wool from spinning to final carpet is an expensive and time-consuming process, but worth all the effort in the end. The result is a thick, luxurious, and ecological carpet that lasts from generation to generation.

    Finnish Ülle collection:

    Ülle carpets has a Key Flag symbol

    Made of Finnish wool

    Undyed. Does not fade over the years

    Design in Finland. Produced by finnish weaving machines

    Local production and materials


    Tikau has cooperated with small producers in India since 2008. The starting point of Tikau's operations in India is to employ artisans in rural villages who are in a challenging position. Taking a uniquely long-term, personal, and humane approach, Tikau collaborates directly with its artisans, combining contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship. The principles of fair-trade guide Tikau's production and design.

    Natural wool with no chemicals

    Woolen rugs are woven by hand in the homes of rural villages in northern Gujarat, where weaving traditions have often been preserved from generation to generation. The production supports the employment of craftsmen directly in their home villages and local sustainable development.

    The material is 100% wool with cotton warp. The local Indian wool used in the carpets is chemical-free, and the lanolin (wool fat) that protects the carpet is still stored - so the carpets are also great for more challenging places such as the kitchen and hallway because the fat repels dirt effectively.

    Hand felted craftmanship

    Felted wool rugs are hand-made by artisan family communities in undeveloped areas Kashmir, India. The production supports the employment of craftsmen directly in their home villages and a local sustainable development.

    Hand felted and hand embroidered rugs are natural dyed. The material is felted sheep and goat wool mixed with a small amount of organic cotton. The patterns of the rugs are created with woolen thread using chain embroidery-type stitches. All rugs are individual and unique, reflect the signature style of the artisan and local tradition.

    Banana fiber gets a new life

    Products made of banana fiber are handcrafted by skilled local artisan women in South India. The program was initiated with the aim of providing better income, social status and empowerment to the local women.

    The material used for the bags and baskets is the locally available banana fibre made of the dead leaves of banana trees. These leaves, previously considered as waste, are now getting a new life in the form of useful, contemporary and sustainable items. No chemicals are used in the production of the banana fiber products.

    The production of bamboo lamps provides employment in rural areas

    Bamboo lamps combine Tikau's core values: social and environmental sustainability in an innovative and inspiring way. The lampshades are handmade in a small rural village in Odisha, India. Electrification of the lamps is done in Finland.

    The inhabitants of remote, undeveloped villages in rural India live in a vulnerable position, without work or livelihood. The Tikaun Design Helps concept was born from the idea of building a sustainable lifestyle and work directly where the most discriminated people live. By teaching craft skills and supporting work, the activity enables people to work directly from their own homes.

    Producion in India:

    Each item has a signature of the weaver.

    Chemical-free and natural dyed

    Ethical production


    Our collection also consists of seasonally changing products and brands. The same values guide our choices: responsibility and ethics. The origin of the products stands of primary importance to us, and the principles of fair trade must base on production. We produce other Tikau home and wear collection in the sewing Atelier in Karjaa, and the Bää collection is a domestic production from Finnish wool. In addition, seasonally, our selection also includes a selection of other responsible brands.

    Tikau sewing Studio in Karjaa

    Other Tikau's beautiful textile products are hand-made in Karjaa, Finland from high-quality natural materials: wool, cotton and linen.

    Bää collection from Finland

    Tikau's Bää collection was born from the desire to use domestic wool and at the same time preserve production and textile traditions in Finland. Domestic wool is soft, durable and ecological. The wool is dyed with natural colors locally in Karjaa.

    Our designs are based on:

    Beautiful and timeless design

    Environment friendly, high-quality and long lasting materials

    Individual craftmanship and respect for local tradition