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    Lie the rug flat and gently hand wash it with a small amount of mild silk/wool detergent (e.g. marseille soap) in 30°C running water. Iron if necessary (two dots). Flat drying. 



    You can easily wash your banana fiber products in running water. Gently hand wash with soft brush or sponge. While still damp, shape product back to original form.



    Tikau woollen shawls, scarves and bathrobes: Gently wash by hand or in by machine on wool wash program 30°C. Use only detergent which is for sensitive materials such as wool and cashmere. Iron 2 dots.

    Hand printed and natural dyed organic cotton clothes (e.g. kimonos, shawls, shopper bags): Machine wash in 40°C. Use mild and ecological washing detergent, avoid to use detergent with bleaching effect. 

    Other products: Look up the product page on the site and read the respective care instructions. If you can't find any please reach us at