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    Designed to help a poor and socially excluded
    Dalit community 


    The Tikau bamboo lamp collection was conceived in collaboration between the Tikau company, the Tikau Share NGO, Finnish designer Ilkka Suppanen, SAAS Instruments and the artisans of a small remote village in Odisha, India. The lamps were designed to help their poor and socially-excluded Dalit, or 'Untouchable', community by providing them with livelihood and a fair income. This has been planned hand in hand with Tikau Share's humanitarian programme.


    Each edition of these lamps is handmade and unique.

    “Happiness is to help.
    Happiness is to give a gift with a ray of light.
    Light which brings hope and enlightens a better future.
    Light which provides work and fair income.
    Light which reflects global solidarity.”