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    Tikau salmiakki pile rug

    Design for development

    TIKAU - Design Helps!

    Founded in 2008, Tikau is a Finnish company combining 
    design with the vision of employing and empowering artisans, mostly in India and Finland.

    Our products are not factory-made but manufactured by individual
    artisans and small-scale producers in their homes or in small communities. 
    Taking a uniquely long-term, personal and humane approach, Tikau collaborates
    directly with its artisans, combining contemporary design and traditional
    craftsmanship. The aim is not only to make beautiful items, but also pursues a
    genuine intention to make the world a better place.

    Tikau’s product range is a socially and environmentally conscious collection of
    exclusive hand made items.  Our vision of luxury is
    clean home and clean world,  organic materials, zero plastic and pure,
    chemical-free products. Our products also have identifiable origins.