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    Design for development

    Tikau is a Finnish company, which combines Scandinavian design and Indian handicraft traditions with the vision of employing and empowering the artisans of rural India. The word Tikau comes from Hindi and stands for sustainable and durable.

    The collection consists of handmade home décor and clothing accessories for everyday wear. Our luxurious materials and products are hand processed and designed to be sustainable in terms of the environment, quality and aesthetics. Ecological considerations are at the root of our designs: Local environmental friendly raw materials include bamboo, organic cotton, non-dyed wool and banana fiber.  Most of our products are non dyed or use natural dyes and the use of handmade processes minimizes energy consumption.

    Taking a uniquely longterm, personal and human approach, Tikau works together with the artisans and small scale producers in rural India. In Tikau products Scandinavian design meets traditional craftsmanship. Locality and sustainability is the starting point in Tikau's product design process: The local skills and raw materials provide the framework for product development. The items in each collection are all handmade and developed in collaboration with the artisans, NGOs and other collaboration partners. The founder of the company, Taina Snellman, is the head of design and works in collaboration with the artisans and other partners, combining Indian traditions with Scandinavian aesthetics. In addition, some designs, which are traditional or designed by the artisans themselves are also selected for the collection.

    Tikau works in close collaboration with the charity based NGO Tikau Share. 

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    What does Tikau stand for?

    'Tikau' is a Hindi word meaning long lasting, durable and sustainable. Tikau is a label based on a philosophy of inclusion, presenting a wide range of handmade Indian products under its name. The products carrying the Tikau logo are all made by the so called small producers: single artisans, artisan communities or NGOs. Tikau brand communicates that the item has a "known origin" and that the item is unique. Tikau label also tells about the social and environmental aspects: The collaboration partners approve Tikau's principles; the producers follow the terms of fair trading and are committed to continuously reducing impacts on the environment.

    Where can one find Tikau products?

    Tikau products are available at:

    Tikau Shop (Flagship store)
    Korkeavuorenkatu 9
    0140 Helsinki

    Mobile / WhatsApp: +358 44 969 6108