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    Tikau is not only physical products.
    It is also about services, thinking and lifestyle. 

    We, a small group of Tikau people with our wide network, have gained thorough experience in the area of design, concept development, sustainability and development projects.  
    Consulting in Design, Concept development, Sustainability and Development projects.
    Tikau has been a pioneer by combining design thinking with aid and trade, since it all started almost ten years ago. Tikau has been consulting design and textile companies. Additionally Tikau has actively shared its knowledge with policy makers and the public sector in the hope that in the future it would be easier to combine trade and aid. 

    Our know-how and experience

    • Sustainability and product development and sourcing, ethical trade
    • Concept and product development  
    • Interior design / styling 
    • Consulting in concepts which combine trade and aid
    Tikau has also launched and introduced together with its sister NGO Tikau Share the concept of Design Helps. Under this philosophy, Tikau has curated exhibitions about the theme of "How design can help".
    Finland has been known for a long time as a welfare country and as a design country. Why not to combine these two and make some change with design that helps and increases wellbeing - globally and equally?


    Case Studies: Exhibition Curation

    Design Helps Living Room – Helsinki 2012 

    The event was curated by Tikau and Tikau Share ry. It was part of the Helsinki World Design Capital programme in 2012. The exhibition showcased innovative design solutions for sustainable employment, architecture and infrastructure development. The exhibition presented various cases answering the question: How Can Design Help? 

    Design Helps exhibition presented on YLE morning TV show
    (national TV, in Finnish language)


    More pictures:



    Design Helps Living Room – New Delhi 2013

    Design Helps - Living room, New Delhi exhibition curated by Tikau Share ry and Tikau ltd was done in collabration with team Finland and the Embassy of Finland in India.  

    Open Palm Court Gallery in India Habitat Center, New Delhi, India.


    The exhibition took the principle of "Design for Sustainable Development" several steps further by involving a wide range of participants. Architecture, infrastructure and sustainable employment will be among the case themes.

    Exhibition structures were made from locally widely used bamboo which grows fast and is helping to stop the soil erosion. Exhibition design was made by Henri Halla - Aho. 


    Event web page:
    Facebook page:

    More Pictures:





    If you are interested in our consulting services, please contact:
    Taina Snellman: