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    King's Carpets

    King's Carpets

    King of the carpets

    We call this unique style the King's Carpet because it was traditionally made for royalty. King's Carpets are handmade using an ancient and nowadays very rare technique. This nomadic tradition is a diminishing craft and combines knotted and woven rug methods. This carpet is made in northern Gujarat in India. Out of the 10 families still practicing this craft in the 1990s, only two remain. 

    Making a King's Carpet is a time consuming process. Only about three pieces can be made in a month. 

    These highly durable carpets, made from hand-spun wool, can last more than 100 years. All King's Carpets are made using natural dyes or are totally undyed. 

    By promoting this exceptional handicraft, Tikau wants to help to preserve this traditional skill, preserving it for future generations.