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    llana, a brand dedicated to children's apparel and commited to the best quality, was founded in Barcelona and is lead by Ariadna Sierra.  

    Ariadna, proud mother of two, is originally from Lleida, a charming town a mere 131km from Barcelona. Her background as a technical architect has linked her to the world of art and design for many years, and in llana, she’s found a life project.

    llana was born with the idea of creating a unique brand that is both fun and spontaneous. Our goal is to follow the fundamental "less is more" concept, and work with original, outstanding design always. Children are - of course - our biggest inspiration, and we aim to create garments that are like a second skin to them, so they can move freely in their many wonderful ways. llana is committed to local production 100% made in Barcelona, with quality raw materials.

    A short journey never ceases to be a trip, a getaway. Life is a longer journey. The trip itself. There is no fixed route, just the impulse to keep going and enjoying every single moment. Be wild, be free. Like kids do. They are the best ambassadors of Wanderlust living.


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