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Les Fils

L E S  F I L S, in French, means both “THREADS” and “SONS”. It sums up perfectly what we do, what we are, what we believe in: with fresh design plus a little bit of French flairwe want to make fair trade fashion in order to take little threads and fulfill the lives of children in need. Explanations. 

At L E S  F I L S, you can find handmade, original goods, manufactured with the finest material – proven quality and durability -, made with love and care, in Paris, France.

In L E S  F I L S, we have the vision to help kids in need, worldwide. We want to bring back happiness, hope and love to those that have already lost what should be basic children’s rights. But there is so much to do! 

Above all, L E S  F I L S is made up of a great team, in fact, a slightly crazy family. 

Sandie Wolff _ Designer, she is the creator and leader who eats, sleeps and breathes this project. Nights for her are the new inspiring afternoon shift. After giving birth to her first baby, she finally wanted to start her own story - and so L E S  F I L S was born. Jp Wolff _ Communication, he likes to work in a fun environment but takes his work seriously.  

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