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    The King's Rugs

    The King's Rugs

    One of the diamonds of carpets

    We called this style of the carpets as kings carpets because they used be done for royals and because of the uniqueness of these carpets. Kings carpets are handmade by an ancient and now so rare technique. This nomadic tradition, being in a way a combination of knotted and woven rug. This carpet is made in Northen Gujarat of India. Presently this craft is a diminishing craft. Out of the 10 families practicing this craft until the 1990s, there are only two left. 

    Making a Kings - carpets is a time consuming process. Only approdximately 3 pcs can be made in a month (depending on the lenght of the carpet) 

    The longevity of the carpets (the ones made from hand-spun wool) will last more than 100 years. Mimimized chemicals: All kings carpets are done with natural dyes (like flowers) or of natural colors of the wool. 

    By promoting this exeptional craft and rugs, Tikau wants to help to preserve this traditional form of art and skill to sustain also for the future genarations.